My first taste of design came when my parents let me redesign my older sister’s bedroom when she left for college. It took me quite some time to realize the damage I had done. My baby blue damask wallpaper/Laura Ashley floral border had covered up a room full of sharpie art as well as a myriad of teen angst haikus written by my sister and her friends. Thankfully my taste has come a long way. No longer do I let my style be dictated by all things matchy-matchy. I now work as a freelance interior designer and a part time digital draftsman for a cabinet company. These days my design world is inspired by many different things. From nature to machine parts, the world of interior design and inspiration often feels limitless.

Some of my current design gurus are Jordan from Oh Happy Day, John and Sherry from Young House Love, and Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely. I also look to Apartment Therapy for daily inspiration.


I started seriously thinking about design with my first tiny apartment I rented after college when I realized just making sure everything “matched” wasn’t enough to make a well styled home. Almost 10 years and 7 houses later, I’m still enjoying playing with design and love making the unexpected choice.

I’m 32 years old. I love to read. Especially long books or series that I can lose myself in. I like to cook and am always looking for recipes that will work for my family (low carb/vegetarian /sometimes picky toddler). I hate cleaning, but hate messes even more so that mainly works out. Unless I’m being lazy. I have a new love for yoga and being called a yogi by my teacher still makes me smile every time.

I’m tremendously influenced by so many amazing design bloggers, Young House Love, Making It Lovely, Door Sixteen, Manhattan Nest just to name a few.


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